Can we have an option to increase the unit limit? For PvP and vs AI

Can we have an option to increase the unit limit? For PvP and vs AI.

Apparently, AoE3 still is getting patches. Why not add something significant?


The issue is game optimization.

like over 200 pop?
i’m not sure the singlethreaded bang! will play along nicely, if laggy FFA 8 player late games are anything to go by, and lets not pretend aoe2 is doing much better there


why not 1vs1 by 400 pop? AoE4 works fine by 1000 and thats in 4vs4.

We talked about it in 2007 too. It confuses me that the game cannot be optimized for 300 pop in 2023

idea is lobbies for skirmish and unranked multiplayer are shared, pop limit toggle in 1 would be there in the other
then you have the snowball effect of certain units, balanced with pop costs to keep in check, there’s more than performance to deal with in this case

They can try it as a test version and if it doesn’t work, they can take it out…

thing is, they may have tested that already and we just don’t know about it
the performance alone is unlikely to be enough to take it down tho, otherwise ludicris zoom wouldn’t exist

En ce cas avez vous essayés des mods contre l’IA? Il y a moyen.

there are mods for pop cap changes iirc, they just dont run very well

What about of making the settlers units to 0 pop, what imbalance? Personally, I don’t see a balance problem, and want it. Please, devs, try it in the next update, if you don’t want to do 300 pop (It’s the same thing if you have a maximum 99 settlers, 200+99)

Well we get soon a new DLC with Poland and Denmark, so why not add this option too?
Something like 300, 400 for custom matches.

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I made a mod for the original AoE3, years ago. Dropped the military pop of all units to zero. We used to play on LAN with thousands of units on ancient PC’s and it ran absolutely fine.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a performance issue.

I think it’s a balance issue.

If you up AoE3 to 300 population, the Brits need another 10 houses. That’s another 10 villagers for 90 wood a pop without having to wait on them being queued. By comparison, what does Spain get? If we agreed the game is reasonably balanced presently, it’s not much of a stretch to recognise it won’t be afterward.

I think the only reasonable way to do it, would be to add a +100 pop tech in Industrial and a +200 pop tech in imperial to every civ. Give it a token cost, keep the startup consistent. Church or TC, either or.

Now that… I don’t know why we can’t have that.

Yes, I agree with everything…