Can we have urgent balance patch?

What is this balance?

“He has max population and didn’t need to make a single unit, ended the game with 28 Gatling gun.”
Is any RTS working like this?


urgent bug fix patch indeed. like there are whole page of bugs reported back in PUP or from May still havent fixed. most of those can be easily reproduced 100% of the time.

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ironically we have another game with the same matchup where the opposite happens
edit : welp cant paste links for some reason, check Harrison for similar game
editedit: finally

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The issue currently is that after sending a fort and freemasons as italy the architects can build/rebuild forts which in itself is fine however with 5 architects and freemasons(+65% faster building by architects) it means they can build a fort in the same time they build an outpost which is about 20 seconds. This is obviously a bug as it should cost like 50-60 seconds minimum with 5 architects and freemasons taking into account the fact that a fort costs a lot more than an outpost they shouldn’t have the same build time.
This results in people endlessly rebuilding free forts in 20 seconds lol.

An extension of this is if italy revolt as usa they can still build architects which I think is probably an oversight as well, so as usa revolt gives you 2 free gatlings per fort built you can destroy and rebuild forts for free which only takes 20 seconds and get free gatlings each time you do it.


This is just a bug… most likely, when they changed the freemasons card they used the tag fortification to add the new effect, which include forts too, and the fort card unlock the building for the civilization, so architects can now build forts for free, and then the revolt can allow you to exploit the 2 gatling cards.

Also, as architects shouldn’t be able to build them, so they have a “normal” building time for forts, and they go up super fast.

Those are just oversights, they happens and of course there is always someone ready to exploit them, but I expect an hotfix soon, so I’m not worried.

Although, I wouldn’t mind architects being able to build forts and even an additional one, the build time should be lower, and probably they should also need to have 1 less architect per age, so if you revolt you can’t have 5 architects, and you build forts slower in age 3 and 4.


I think it’s okay for Architects to build forts, but always paying full price, never for free.

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This is what we get from month-long pup. No hope to the Dev.

Aoe3 after KotM DLC is the most unbalanced game in aoe. Tbh i love aoe3, i think it is the best in aoe series. (I played several years of aoe2 before moving to aoe3). But sadly i have to say aoe3 is so unbalanced that I no longer want to touch it (I still enjoy watching it)

After KotM european civs with superior musks, cannons and defensive structures just triumph over non european civs that lack one or two core unit here and there. It is even more unbalanced than aoe4 now.

The unfortunate reality is that the Euro civs are the simplest to learn and the baseline of the power budget. This means that, despite being significantly harder to play, the Native and African civs will never be able to be “balanced” without some heavy rehauling to both factions because their core concept revolves around “Much harder to play for the same power budget.”

I disagree, balance in general is quite good other than the bug with italy getting free 20 second forts. Ports could do with their hunting bonus back in addition to the 50 extra starting food, malta could do with some kind of buff perhaps revert the wignacourt nerf or remove the xp penalty now that not all units receive 2% hp per shipment and russia needs perhaps cheaper vills and definitely a buff to poruks.

They have different mechanics but I don’t think any are particularly hard to play, hausa is very strong currently and ethiopia FF remains as good as ever. Inca are my main civ and I have no issue beating euro civs all day, aztec are strong currently and haud still have probably the best rush in the game and some of the strongest skirm and goons. Unless your like 500 elo and can’t move your warchief at the same time as your army you can do fine with any of the native civs.


I don’t think anyone thinks this shouldn’t be patched, the only question is how soon.

Nah, natives are in a pretty good position right now. It is indeed a learning curve to property utilise the ceremonies, but that’s as far as difficulty goes.

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That explains why in the colonial period, Europeans ruled the world…

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As a game perspective we want civs to be balanced not have their strengths based on real history.


holy shit why are the devs so bad at balancing this game?

because the game has a lot of content that interact with each other so you don’t take in consideration every possible exploit that the game can offer. Is not an easy task


Yes, I was joking anyway; but it’s because the KotM dlc improved the Europeans too much and the right balance between the civs is never found… now an Asian dlc is going to come out and the civs of that dlc are going to be broken and so…

Ce n’est pas lié qu’à aoe3, tout les jeux RTS, mmo, rpg ou pvp ont leur lot de déséquilibre et partout ça râle sur ce manque d’équilibre qui ne sera jamais parfait.


They havent acces to mercenaries, lack of factories, #### ##### to market upgrades, poorer estates by default, poor lategame sieging capabilities, lack of AoE damage at range…Its not surprising they are few at lobbies, specially on treaty.

But we have to keep buffing europeans

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