Can we just all take a moment to congratulate the Devs?

They fixed 2 game-breaking bugs and traded it in for another 2 game-breaking bugs. I don’t think any other dev accomplished this so far.


It’s okay. Nothing is perfect. Give them more time. Have some patience. There are devs that do worse. If you guys keep posting toxic comments like this they will be heartbroken and abandon us forever.


Heartbroken… You must be kidding right? I think the players are Heartbroken instead. The update is a complete joke. Nothing that was addressed all this time was fixed let alone even slightly touched. But nono let’s nerf Delhi into oblivion because they were a huge issue lol. That’s all there is this patch. Mongols/ English/ French and Springalds not even touched.


All of those civs were nerfed. You don’t have to lie in order to complain about Delhi

How were they nerfed? Or do you mean the Hulk armor from 6 to 2 lol. I’m talking about SERIOUS nerfs not mosquito bites. Because these so called nerfs will do nothing to them. They will still dominate the top. Have fun playing Crossbows and Springalds every game now


This is the first time I see a game updated with patch notes that don’t actually exist in the update. Here’s two basic examples:

Patch says we’re finally able to see map after a game. There is still no such ability in the game.

Patch says unit name was changed (goodness knows why). It’s still the same.

Can you imagine they didnt even bother to check if these worked? If these changes in the code applied correctly? If they showed up in the game? It was a matter of launching up the game and checking for these once. This is lack of respect towards this franchise and its fans and just goes to show you the level of amateurism in this company. So how can I have respect for them? You can say we cause them to be heartbroken with our criticism, but it’s about their inability to do their jobs.
If I do bad at my job, I get fired after some warnings. So I couldnt care less if they are heartbroken, the reality is that they are not good at their job, and I’d rather this project be given to some other company to be continued. I’d understand if this was the work of a day or two, but this update was in the “works” for months. Imagine how much more difficult it’s gonna be for them to add a feature which requires a bit more coding like patrol, if they cant even code this. I dont think they can add patrol until that spring patch like they say, they just cant code. It just blows my mind how unskilled and/or careless they are.


Relic has a horrible history with supporting their games. It shows here aswell.


Probably the fact that Relic was contracted to do AoE4 is also part of the problem. It’s not their product, they get paid the same regardless, so they dont care about it. But I don’t think this is the main cause, I really think they have people with poor skills working, they are just bad at their jobs.


Bad and slow af. It’s gonna take at least another month for them to come up with hotfixes and what not.

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And they will probably break the game in the process yet again lol

Sega hired a bunch of cheap polish engineers for a quick staff augmentation to meet Microsoft poorly made deadlines? I’m shocked… in any case if you guys are worried about the quality of direction of where this is heading Relic is looking for a QA Lead Director QA Department Lead | Sega Careers

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These bugs will get fixed in a hotfix next week along with the long awaited springald nerf.

They stated in there twitch stream they have been wathcing alot of videos and streams, yet springs didnt get touched, are they high?

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