Can we let the minimap be in the bottom left?

The DE developers seem to be making the new UI be in line with other AoE series. So the minimap is in the bottom right in the new UI. But as a person who has enjoyed RTSs like Starcraft2, Warcraft3, Company of Heroes series, and above all, the original AoE3, I prefer the minimap to be in the bottom left. What do you guys think? I don’t think I can easily adapt to the minimap in the bottom right corner.


I like how it has always been, I hope the interface style is something configurable in the menu.

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If I am not mistaken, it was Warcraft 2, which had configurable overlay, including resource positioning, map placement and unit control panel. I am also a fan of having configurable UI.
On the other hand, I think that this is a task for the modding community. They can get creative and do it “tailor made” :smiley:
From my recent experience, the transparent UI mode in AoE2 DE was nice, so there is future in this problems solution.

The aoe 3 ui had much better resource display. It’s very concentrated and easy to look at. Aoe 2 is much more spread out and long. Why would they redesign it.

Why cater to aoe2 fans??

Hope it can be Modded easily.

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The UI will be customizable.
In this interview:
Two different interfaces can be seen in 4:15 and 5:50.

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DE almost has the same resource UI as AOE3

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Agreed. Dunno why they make that change.

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Left or right.idc not a big difference to me.
Also they said you can switch to original ui.
And i guess ui will be customizable

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Can you give me the source of the statement?

It is german,but if you translate

Wow, thanks. You gave me new information that I couldn’t find. Now I guess I don’t have to worry about not being able to adapt to the new UI. :slight_smile:


how to move minimap potiontion?