Can we look at player profiles, lobbies and so on while searching?

When a player in in search queue, it’s not possible to make most of the actions since it cancels the search, any possibility to improve it in the next builds? Thank you


Yeah between that and the casual ranks the game is barely playable for me.

I agree. I dont understand why it cant be like ESO online. Who are making these changes? I stick to legacy even tho the population is 75-250 most of the time. Its a way better system. I just cant play de even tho i own it. The casual ranks are the main reason i dont play de as well, u cant even balance lobbies and its super boring the casual rank. Please change it back!

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Why not play quick search? That’s the best way to get players at similar level.

You really miss out on the lobby experience that way, like most games back in TAD. Also with quick search you can’t even choose your colour, and it is hard to find games with quick search for anything above 1v1.