Can we please get destruction animations for walls?

It’s awesome how we have all the cool destruction animations, especially for wonders and castles. It’s really weird though, seeing walls just turn into the old rubble tiles, same as everything did back in the days before DE. It’s even more accentuated by the fact that gates collapse. Can we please get some cool looking destruction animations for walls? Deletion in particular, I can see how there is normal damage appearance, which is fine, but if the wall gets one-shotted or deleted, it looks really jarring. What do people think?


That could change gameplay quite significantly.
I’m not a big fan of that tbh.

How? Units can still walk through collapsing buildings and won’t attack them.


11 WTF? (10 char+10chars)

The problem would be the fact that you can’t build on top of buildings that are being destroyed, while the destruction animation is playing. This means you’d have much less flexibility on expanding your base in this regard in the early game, specially with enemy rushes being taken into account. For example, whenever you delete palisades to make space for a stable or archery range, you’d have to wait for the animation to finish playing, and this could potentially lead to enemy army entering your base.

An exception could always be made for walls.


The problem is that walls, particularly palisades, are the most deleted / rebuilt / quick-walled structures in the game. So having animations would just be an extra thing getting in the way of gameplay. If you really must have it, its default setting should be turned off and you would have to go into graphics options to turn it on.


On the other hand, having those animations (already present for foundations, right?) can prevent the game having too much of quick-walling, no? Isn’t it something most pro players agree upon being detrimental to the game?


They already nerfed quick walling by reducing HP of foundations. Doesn’t need another nerf.

This would be cool, I’m for the destruction animation to be added.

This game no need be changed just like the pro gamers wish how they want it or how it’s most comfortable for they. It’s time that the oro scene leave this game in peace and stick with AOE 4. They destroyed already too much with the suggestion for AOE 2.

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Sure - quick walling started as a result of pros (TheViper) making use of the foundations not being passable. Doesn’t seem like having animations for the wall destructions would be a problem then!

IIRC walls had destuction animations at launch. They were soon removed for gameplay reasons outlined by posters above.

AoE2DE would benefit from very quick “explosion cloud” animations in the style of the original game, to inform the player of a building’s “moment of death”. Such explosions would also be better-looking transitions into destruction animations (for non-wall buildings) than the current DE’s “fires slowly fade” effect.

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