Can we please have a report/ban function for people who significantly lag?

There should be no reason why I have to play someone who is playing on a PC that can’t handle the game. They are gaming the stress test and still getting in. There should be some sort of report function for this. Completely unplayable.


Yes please, some players start with yellow clock from dark age, every time, in team games this is very bad.
Sometimes I see people even with red clock from dark age/feudal, they make the game miserable for everyone.
It’s 2021, get a decent PC, it’s not like this game is some 100GB crazy-graphics shooter, even integrated graphics with recent cpus can handle it.

I don’t understand why in AOE 2 DE if 1 player has a bad PC everyone gets bad performance.
In any other game if you have a bad PC you are the only one with bad performance. If i play CS GO with a bad PC i will play at 20 FPS but everyother player will play just fine.

You wouldn’t need to ban or report players, all they have to do is increase the minimum requirements for multiplayer(ranked and even unranked), it has been said before 1100 should the score for 3x3 and 4x4, 1000 for 1x1 instead of 900.

Cause several players abuse of the benchmark by doing the test with 800x600 res(even lower) and once they got the score they zoom out to the max even at 4k, lagging a lot.

The engine is still based on the original AoE 2 engine from the 1990s. In a past thread where there was some discussion about it, someone provided a link to a very good article about some of the technical details of how the game works, and my recollection is that this aspect is much improved in 3 (I can’t find the article now). My assumption is that 4 doesn’t have this problem, so in that sense it’s better suited to esports, but many think its mechanics make it less suited to esports. If 4 doesn’t take over from 2, I hope we will some day see a re-implementation of 2 to bring the engine up to date.

Thanks for the info!
I’m not very optimistic about Age 4 based on what i’ve seen, in fact i’m not very interested oin buying it.
I’ve heard a dev from AOE say that some of the actual code is 25 years old cause was written for Age 1, then used for Age 2 and so on. I imagine it’s difficult to change that but i hope some day they will, since it’s 20 years and this game is more alive than ever!