Can we please have these features added to AOE4?

This video pretty much sums everything up and why I would like time.

While we have something “similar” in AoE4, they are far cry from the predecessor games of AOE1 and 2.
And even AOE3 if I’m not mistaken (someone with AOE3 experience fill me in).

Regardless, this will severly reduce the intensity of Microing and make the game overall much more enjoyable as your units are behaving according to how you wish them to. Rather than getting pulled into every possible death trap the exact moment you are going to manage your econ.
As well as some better pathing behavior as units wont be as fixated on killing certain enemies at times.


Omg can we please at least have a better version of stand ground. This nonsense of having to re activate after each move is irrational AF. It’s a legacy from when spears needed to manually brace, definitely don’t need it anymore. Just have it on or off.

Would also appreciate defensive stance. Follow would be nice for healers


Aqui jugador de aoe 3 colega xd

Las formaciones en el 3 son bastante utiles dependiendo de la unidad

La formacion escalonada permite que los cañones no maten a grupos enteros de infanteria de solo un tiro.
la formación defensiva lo que hace es que las unidades formen un circulo o un cuadrado alrededor de las unidades más vulnerables y no se muevan de su sitio.
y el mantener formación, es como la anterior solo que aqui literal, se quedan en ese sitio y no forman de ninguna otra manera.

luego hay una formación exclusiva de la infanteria cuerpo a cuerpo que hace que puedan resistir hasta un 60% y 50% daños de a distancia y asedio a cambio de un 50% menos de ataque y velocidad, es mas que nada para que el enemigo se distraiga con ellas mientras tu infanteria a distancia los fusila

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