Can we please not have the momument defeat?

It happens quite often in games now that my or my allies momument is rushed in the second age and then I immediatly lose the game. Its no fun! Even when having my army somewhere else fighting or helping an ally and vills already constucting a new momument,. Its super frustrating. At least dont give a loss while building a new momument somewhere else, though preferable dont let it be a lose condition all together.
It was such fun in AOE2 to have the option with just one villager sneaking out and building backup somewhere in the corner of the map.

Thank you!


That was annoying and boring in AOE2, this is a different game. If you don’t know how to defend your base you should lose, if you have to rebuild your entire base in a different part of the map you are going to probably lose anyway as the enemy has a stronger economy already.


At least there aren’t floating buildings in AoE…

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Well, that was only terrans wasn’t it? XD

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In TGs it is not the case. In age2 there were a lot of comebacks.
You can be double or trippled, while ur “teammates” are booming.

But the rules are the rules, it’s even better, because if they trippled u and teammates did not help → gg wp go next.

Then they should plan a strategy accordingly, if one of them wants to boom only, they other two should worry holding them back.

Anyway, there are personalized games and you can tick off the landmark win condition.

yes, it’s cool to talk “they should plan”.
Go queue 4vs4 with randoms. And talk after a few games, their you or your teammate died in 3vs1. In the end 600 pop vs 800 pop limit, and u can leave.

I said it’s better because if u are killed → u can leave.
But it’s less balanced than in aoe2 TGs. (some one can rush wonder).

Aoe2 has twice more TG players than in 1vs1. In aoe4 the situation is opposite.

TGs games usually are more friendly for casuals, but…here someone can ruin the game much more easily.

Again, if they destroy your base and you have to hide, it is highly unlikely you will be able to restore your economy before the stomp the bases of your allies because they are just more. There may be some exception but I’d say the main problem of this game with TGs is not the landmarks, in my opinion is the turtling and race to wonder. They just stay behind walls, and double or triple wall and then build a wonder. This is the main reason I don’t play TGs unless with friends, because destroying a wonder requires coordination, and you cant find that with randoms.

There is also the problem with exploits and bugs that can be done in TGs a lot better. But Landmarks? I don’t think is the reason why people are not playing TGs.

Did u play TG in aoe2? Or it’s talking SC2 experience?

They invest a lot into attack, they killed you, your teammates build strong eco. Your economies is equal.
The problem is, that if Your teammates did not kill opponents before imperial age. They will have 600 pop vs 800.

And stop saying u can not win - u can, I played hundreds TGs in aoe2, and it’s balanced.
In arena it’s very very often do base trade, one team lose one person and the other lose the other one.
4vs4 became 3vs3 + 2 people rebuilding.

So please, start playing to understand what are u talking about, or shut up with “you can not win”. if u even “do not play TGs”.

Very rarely hit this type of abuse, because mostly people want to relax, not to “just win”. But yes, it’s the problem.

And you say that Im the one that does not play TGs, very rarely happens the wonder race huh? Must be in your games, everytike I’ve gone into TGs thst is 3vs3 or 4vs4, they race to have a wonder they are not even interested in you. I understand the wanting to relax, is the only reason I would play TGs, but having the enemy build a wonder is in no way relaxing.

I didn’t said you can’t win, and trade base is a very different thing to just 3 players atacking one and destroying this one. If you trade bases in AOE4 is the same, just that 2 of the players would not be continuing playing, instead of 2 guys rebuilding it’s whole base. You want to play rebuilding your base and such? Play AOE2, there is a reason why this game is different, if it was just the same game what would be the point?.

I really like the landmark win, it’s and objectice, a clear reference to what focus your attack and something you clearly know you need to protect. And this game has been built around them, don’t like them? Play AOE2

Then just disable the Landmark victory condition in the lobby.

If no victory condition is set the game defaults to classic conquest.


I feel like landmark victory is there to prevent what people call “Cockroaching”. “Cockroaching” is basically a maneuver that you described, sneaking around map and deploying random buildings to postpone the game. While you may be one of the people who loves doing so, there are also fair share of people who hates “Cockroaching” and delaying what is most of the time inevitable.

In fact, every victory condition in this game encourages you to play more aggressively than previous titles. There is a wonder victory sure but it feels more like a desperate-last-resort since AOE4 introduced sacred site victory which almost feels like a counter victory condition against turtling and wonder victory.

I do feel like entire game design is revolved around rewarding aggressive play-style and that is something developers decide when they are making a game and so far I don’t think majority of the user base is having serious trouble with it, otherwise it wouldn’t have mostly positive reviews in store front.

Plus, like someone else pointed out on this thread, you can tweak victory condition when you make room. If you don’t like people sniping your landmark you could just turn every single victory condition off and fight until bitter end like AOE2 conquest victory mode.


Not supporting the OP, but it’s worth pointing out that there are other solutions to this such as revealing all of a player’s buildings if they don’t have any landmarks fully built (SC2 does this).

It doesn’t eliminate it but it greatly reduces the usefulness of the tactic since the other player can easily find all your buildings and clear them out efficiently.

Since there is a way to get the classic style victor condition it might be worth adding something like this anyway.

landmark victory is one of the best things that happened in this franchise. I want to play rts, not play hide and seek


If anything-- I think an option to play with a treaty would be good, it would give those players more options esp to play causally.

But-- keep that out of ranked.


Honestly I just think AoE4 needs an equivalent of spies from AoE2.