Can we please not match people in mid America with people in Europe?

Game is pretty unplayable with 500 ping. Basically an auto-loss for whoever isn’t the host.

Is the game peer to peer? I thought it was server based.

I thought it was peer-to-peer just because of the notification that says “you are now the server host” when your opponent leaves. Maybe I’m wrong?

All I know is that I just played a dude in Germany who was really nice, but I had literally 500 ping as Delhi vs. French, wasn’t awesome lol

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Yeah that definitely doesn’t sound fantastic. Lol

I haven’t had any lag when fighting people from other countries so I just assumed it was server based. Peer to peer imo, should never be the base line for a competitive online game. At least not anymore. This is why For Honor suffered so much during their launch.

Afaik it isn`t, the message just means that someone of your group is automatically hosting the game on their dedicated servers.

Ah. That makes sense. I wonder if it matched me in Europe for some reason. My opponent claimed he had no lag. And I was between a second to 1.5 seconds for chat lag and about 500mms for movement lag. Weird. That said it’s maybe the 2nd time in at least 50 games that I had any lag at all