Can we replace the "Befehl-chen" voiceline for HRE

Native german speaker here. When I listened to the HRE voicelines, one of them immediately stood out:


I have no idea who approved this voiceline, but no one would ever add a “-chen” to the word “Befehl” which translates to “order”. The part -chen is usually used to add some form of cute-ness when speaking about an animal. For example Hündchen, Häschen, Schweinchen. It has no place after the word “Befehl”.

Other than that I enjoy the HRE voicelines a lot.

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I had to laugh so much when I heard it. I hope they keep that in the game it’s so funny and cute to me as a native speaker :joy::joy:


It’s actually correct. The original pronounciation in Old High German was “bevelch”:



But Germans are famously kawaii uwu ~ ?

Interesting, I guess I cannot argue with that! Still sounds super weird to me as a german speaker

Coincidentally Japanese words end with ちゃん “CHAN” with the same meaning and usage?

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This is no coincidence. Japan and Germany were fated to meet by fate.

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Thats not what they say though… they say “Befelchen”. Is that supposed to be a plural or something in mhd (in the sence of “Befehle!?” → “Orders!?”). As your snippet shows: The verb form is “bevelhen” (no chen sound in that, like the modern “befehlen”) and the noun would be “bevelch” (I’d even doubt that the ch is fully pronounced).

I guess they consulted people who know their stuff, but as OP states, for a modern german speaker, “Befel-chen” sounds like the -chen addition to used to indicate a smaller (or “cuter”) variant of something. That makes it sound really odd.

When the male voice says it, I understand “Befehlche”. With the female voice I’m not sure.