Can we see please the shipments that were sent in order of each civ wtihout having to visit home city? and the tech affecting units when selecting a unit please

because we love spectector mode we deserve an improvement

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there seems to be a mod for this as the tourney games have them. Would love for it to me made official

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To be honest I think the whole spectator mode needs to be reworked as it doesn’t even work atm

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Yeah as you look away 1 second, something happens but to see it again you will have to watch it ALL again, just a simple rewind mens

That isn’t really the issue.
The fun of spectator mode before is that you could watch people playing live rather than watching a recorded game.
The spectator mode on esoc patch was amazing and I wish they had recreated that on DE.
Me and my friends could watch each other play and it was the perfect way for casting tournament games.
Not even to mention that these tourney games are what get people into DE

The problem is that rewind is currently not supported either.

It doesn’t make sense at all that developers can’t do what the mod team can create. Otherwise, they are less capable than the mod team.

Yeah thats cool but it needs 1 min delay atleast since you could just get your friend to ghost