Can we start get hotfxes for issues?

There are so many exploits in the game now, including the infamous court architects, wonder infinite resource exploit, then the hunting cabin stacking exploit. The court architect bug cna easily be fixed with a new 100% calculation accommodating the 30% increase, it’s just a basic math mistake.

The road map looks nice, but will be good start seeing hotfixes for exploits as people need to play multiplayer without these issues. Keeping these type of nasty exploits for big patches is gonna create a decline in the community.

Why club fixes and exploits with UI and QOL updates?

Hope AOE 4 devs can start a practice of hotfixes, as this game really needs. Every single day 3-4 exploits arises.


I think it’s important to understand that they don’t want to release anything that is/might be unfinished in any way, which eventually will lead into them having to fix a bug that’s been created from the patch that was supposed to make the game better, not worse.

They even talked about this in yesterdays live stream, that they been there before in their previous games when this have happened, and that’s why while they want to release hot-fixes and patches to improve upon the game they want to make sure that every patch gets released is working 100% as intended.

We’ve a roadmap and now we have something to look forward to, so I say let them work and take the time they need, so no further issues gets created just because they want to hurry up and give us a broken patch in the end. Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

Edit: I can guarantee you that even the developers want to hurry up and give us faster patches, but I admire them for taking the time every patch needs in order to be implemented 100% successful without new bugs and issues.