Can you actually win a game allied to the AI in single player?

I’ve allied with another Civ a couple of times in single player and have ‘Allied Victory’ checked. However, when they have built a Wonder and the time expires, it registers as me being defeated, despite me being, technically, part of a winning alliance. Is this a bug or is this the way it’s supposed to work?

This sounds so weird. Did you have “locked teams” checked in as well?

That’s a good question, I’ve never noticed. I’ll have to start a new game and see, and try with and without. Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

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I Think of 2 possible facts now:

  1. the AI doesnt have av aswell

2.U dont have lock teams enabled

Just to clarify, I’ve only allied with the AI during the game, not started the game as part of a team. Would this make a difference, and would having lock teams enabled at the start help or hinder my goal of getting an allied victory in this case? I’ve not had time to play yet to test things out.

On your point about the AI not having Allied Victory checked, how do I find out if they have?

Edit: Just checked, I’m playing with Lock Teams off.

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That cheeky AI, the dualities of humankind. /11

I think the issue here is with teams not being locked off.

Well, I’ve tried, and whatever I do, allying during the game and my ally producing a Wonder results in me losing. Help! :confused:

Sorry if this is a dumb question. Is the ally actually allied with you? Or are you simply just allied with them? As in they don’t actually know that you think they’re allies?

Does simply changing your own status affect them? Thats really weird if it does… It shouldn’t automatically be reciprocal…

When I change my status with them they send me a message that they will ally if I give them 1000 of each resource. Once I do that, they send a message that we are allies and I can see all that they can and our units do not fight each other. I also tick the ‘Allied Victory’ box. As another poster said, could it it be that they simply don’t accept the ‘Allied Victory’ condition? I don’t know how to find out if they do! :confused:

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If you want to play with an AI ally and not lose to their wonder, you either have to backstab them and destroy it or you have to have started the game with them on your team with locked teams. Teammates win the game together, but players who have allied do not unless all players on the team select Allied Victory.

Further, even if the AI did check allied victory, literally nothing stops them from either un-allying you or dropping allied victory when the Wonder hits one year remaining. If they can win alone, why would they carry you? You can’t find out if a player has allied victory selected, that’s a tactical decision on the part of the player. Either he’s okay winning as part of a team or he wants to be King unto himself.

If you want an honest AI teammate who wants to win the game with you, you’ve got to start the game that way, not decide to be friends in the middle of a war.

Sorry man that seems the issue. Unfortunately yet another flaw with the game…

It’s not a Flaw to not know when another player is good with Allied Victory. For one, it makes absolutely no difference because it can be changed with a click. Secondly, it gives players a reason to be cautious to the very end even in a conquest victory game because you can’t be sure the game ends when the last enemy resigns.

It’s a decision on the part of the Devs to not make that clear. If they wanted you to know if Allied victory was checked they would have done so in the last 20 years of it existing. It not working that way, therefore, is intentional.

Thanks for that reply. If that’s the way it’s meant to work, so be it, I guess I can live with that. As a naturally co-op type player, it’s a minor disappointment, but I think I can put up with the odd little quirk from arguably the greatest PC game ever made :slightly_smiling_face: