Can you add a button "Return to main menu" on these panels :

Can you add a button “Return to main menu” on these panels ?


yeah somethign simple one would assume should be easy to add…

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Actually, I would like this on most any non-main menu screen; not just the ones you mention.

And would like more than one color used for the buttons, as currently there is just the one color. Why should we have to read every single button on every single screen to find the one we want to click, when visual distinctions could easily be made for buttons that mean the same thing on every screen, or for common buttons like “Start Game” and “Return to Main Menu”. For many, Green means Go/Continue/Go Forward, while Red means Stop/Cancel/Go Back, for example. Surely, the color Green could be added for ‘Start Game,’ and maybe a brighter red for ‘Return to Main Menu,’ or something along those lines. (And by ‘Green’, I mean one that’s complimentary to the current color palette, not something weird.)

Beyond this, different shaped buttons could help the user-interface, too, but that’d be more of a nice-to-have, and if it looks okay.

If I may also add, having the “Return to Main Menu” button be a different color would be great too. I have a bad habit of always clicking the “Return to Map” button because that’s intuitively where I would expect a close/return button to be located. It needs to stand out more.

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About the navigation aspects, I would like to be returned to the Multiplayer tabs after I exit/finished spectating or playing in Multiplayer.

Also, when launching a game from “Save Games” panel and after leaving it, have a “RETURN” button in addition to “RETURN TO MAP” and “LEAVE MAP” to return to “Save Games” panel.