Can you rebuild your landmarks?

Let’s say a landmark is destroyed. Can you rebuild it? Let’s say in this scenario, an ally comes and saves you, but you are badly hurt from the attack.

I think you can, but not if they are all destroyed. I could be wrong on this though.

Yes you can rebuild all landmarks but only at the spot where they were destroyed.

Also if you lose all your landmarks you are out of the game, even if you have allies that are still in the game. So in team games it might be smart to build one landmark in your allies base in case you get overrun.
That is easier for Mongols of cause because they can just build it anywhere and than more it there, or Chinese that have 6 landmarks to build.
Abbasides are more vulnerable to be sniped in team games because they only have one plus the first TC but that one is usually very close to the first TC because it has to be build very early.