Cancel the construction of defensive structures all over the map!


This game is not AoE 4, but it is a Tower game and a Castle game.

Immediately cancel the construction of castle towers and walls all over the map.
It’s disgusting. You can’t even look at it. Everyone is just fortifying around the map. Castles are made at the gold mines. And the whole map is just made of wooden palisades and walls.

Well, do you like it that way ??? Me at all.
Why doesn’t the army decide battles all over the map. You could better attack your opponent’s mines. The opponent would have to defend the mines with the army. There would be more battles.

And what it should look like: Towers and castles could only be built on a maximum of one screen from the end of your city. The city must have at least one main building …

Under those conditions, I haven’t played the game in a month …
It’s a game of towers and castles - LOL

It’s named map control.

Defensive structures make game more strategic, not SC2 with only unit micro.
It’s the best part of aoe2&aoe4 there you can defend some part of a map.
Going further from TC already is big risk to lost all your villagers.


IMO it gives defensive structures their point , being “DEFENSIVE” , its the map control , you just cant risk all of your villagers to go out and go for a gold mine .

it makes the strategy , in aoe3 you just could send your villagers and dont care about it , they have more health and they can shoot . In aoe3 you can also create gold with plantations so you dont have to go for an adventure that much , only to get trees.

let me remind you that this game is set into medieval times , and those were really common.

I dont agree , bringing limitations to buildings is a stupid change and imo it should remain for aoe3 and to not come back any time soon.

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When you enjoy it so much so that when there are 100 towers and 50 castles all over the map, there is such sincere condolences.

Yes, castles and towers were part of the Middle Ages but only in the city and fortifications. There were no towers on every corner. And the towers in every forest were not waiting for you :slight_smile:

i agree but having 100 towers is part of the deal , why you dont destroy them? in this game buildings does not have a lot of health

The only thing that needs to be address is build speed of walls. Tower and castles are weak. Siege is very strong rn.