Cannons and /or Springals should be able to be placed on walls

It makes no sense that you can’t place cannons on top of walls.

Every 16th c siege (imperial age in-game) consisted of ditches and cannon emplacements on walls.

Currently it’s very frustrating that you have say 15 gunpowder weapons behind your walls, u can’t place them on the walls, and pretty much the enemy just blasts your walls out and then it’s like you had no walls at all to begin with.

if it feels like the ranged resist bonus on walls would be too strong, then just remove the buff from the siege/gunpowder engines, but allow them to be placed on walls.


It would be really cool but it should pay a price , like having to pay 50 of stone to emplace the cannon and another 50 to disassemble

Hi @RodLimitless, Cannons and springalds can be equipped to wall towers.

You realize it’s completely different from moving your own springalds and cannons onto a wall right?

And to answer op it might be too strong tbh. Something you can do however is to build a few gates next to each other. That way you can place your siege right at the wall level, shoot and immediately retreat behind if you get rushed by cav/infantry

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Sure. Just wanted to make sure the OP knew about wall tower emplacements.

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Indeed you should be able to put at least springals on the walls. But with no bonus on the range.
Now the only way to defend walls from canons is come out. That gives the attacker the advantage.
If you can place springals on walls at least then you can defend the wall.

This, beside be more realistic and be visually super cool, will make walls not useless.
And will make trebs useful, since has long range.

Also would balance how op cannons are, as well making masses of mangonels less op on a siege


It’s not only about the wall bonus. Siege on the wall means melee units can’t destroy them. This would create very slow paced game where it’s all about sieges and wall imo.

If they are behind walls the infantry also can’t burn them. Now if you attack a wall with canons and has mangonels to blow anything that tries come out from the gate, you only can wait to see the wall erased meanwhile your siege can’t defend… That smell and is not funny.

If you can move on walls springs, at least the enemy need take care of them with siege or range units.
Or move siege torrents to less defended parts of the wall and blow the siege on the wall with soldiers (giving use to a forgotten unit)
Or use trebs since they have superior range (another kinda forgotten unit).

Some points

  • Would tone down cannons without nerf them.
  • Springals will be nerfed so have them on walls will not destroy not siege units.
  • More fair for a defender plater that invest time and resources on make walls and defenses.
  • the need of use the siege that is forgotten, like trebs and siege towers.
  • Be super cool xD
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This mechanism will greatly change the existing games. The current stone wall mechanism of AOE4 is similar to AOE2, but it simply blocks and hinders to buy more time. I don’t think developers will want to make AOE4 an alternative stronghold game series.

Put spring on walls will not become it stronghold haha. Just will not make the walls useless on the meta of mass siege. Will allow a new option to play (defensive) with walls that, right now, is suicide

I like the idea, that way we may see the use of siege towers that at it’s current state are useless simple because cannons do the job in 2 secs

Last I checked you can’t get cannon emplacements on wall towers anymore, but you get the springald emplacement when you build the wall tower.

Also the wall towers are not the regular springals but ones with their own stats.