Cannot acce saved files

I’ve played this game now a lot and have a lot of saved files. So many in fact that it seams I cannot reopen my last saved file. I see them (about 8-10) in the saved folder, but not in the list of saved files within the program. This is the Windows Store version btw.

If I access from within the game, the saved games folder, they are there, but there seems no way to actually load them??? So how can I get them to load???


I guess we are talking about AOE I DE version. I have around 30 saved files and they are all available. You can scroll down in the Saved Games list. Does it show a scrollbar on the right side?

Oh yes, I have tried that. I have quite a few saved games. I usually name them after the scenario and a number.

Eg. I know I have a game named ‘XXX 12’ (as an example).

But in the list I see only

XXX 10
XXX 11


So there should be an entry for nr 12 (and in fact there are several more missing)


So how much files are there in your Saved Games folder?
You can see the total amount on the left in the status bar of the window after opening through AOE DE.

At the moment 519 :wink:

That’s quite a high number. It could be that the Saved Games dimension is limited to a maximum of 500 or that your cloud save storage for AOE DE is full already. Maybe some devs can help you with a solution or advise.

Yes, that was what I was after, but I couldn’t find any other place to report to than here and on Feedbackhub…


I used my saved game size average and multiplied it with 519.
The outcome is 499.879 MB, so it might be limited to 500 MB of saved games.

@anon63664082 @DodoNotDoDo
Could you guys check this up with the developers?

Thanks. Evenso, since they are in local storage; I deleted some of the entries (some 40 saved files, after I noticed the problem, where I just had about 12 saved during the session), yet they still don’t appear in the saved files list… How can I open them from local?


That’s a good question.
I don’t know exactly but think you just put a saved game file in there and then it should show up automagically at next start or opening of the list. They could create an import button for this or refresh list button. At least if something is wrong with one file it should tell you that and skip it.

How much files do you see in the list in AOE DE?

Did you use any special characters while naming the saved game?

Also did you check in the windows event log viewer the application log for errors?

There can be numerous reasons of course why the list isn’t populated correctly.

All except my last 8.

…and no errors in Windows Apps eventlog as far as I can see…

I’ve also rebooted the computer between tests, just to have that clear…

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I now tested to delete some twenty saved files from the directory and then restarted the game.

Total is now 499 files…

They don’t show up in the list, but neither do the missing saved files…

However, the deleted files were restored after opening the game, so the total after starting the game, once again is 519… So it seems as if syncing is working, somewhat…

Oh, and I have listed this computer to be able to play offline…

There must be something wrong with some of those files then. Good to see that the sync works correctly though, but the import of some of those to the list fail. Let’s see if there will be response from the dev’s on this one. It’s at least a very interesting issue for sure.

Sooo, next attempt was to launch AoEDE offline, but that doesn’t seem to work, despite my Store-settings is set to this unit is my offline account. Also, I was re-directed there from the AoE - faq… Odd. Anything else I need to do, to play AoE offline? I note I have an Offline folder under saved games, though…

So I thought maybe if I went offline and then online again, I’d resync those missing games…


No response from dev yet?


I would like to invite you to AOE’s discord channel and share your experience there.
More chance that the devs will read it or maybe there is a solution.
It could be that the saved games version is not compatible with the running version anymore e.g.

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