Cannot Connect to game server, stopping at signing into multiplayer service

Game Version:

  • Build ((101.101.32911.0.4395365))
    On Steam
    Windows 10 1903(18362.418)


Please help me

Reproduction Steps:

  1. I can access to play aoe2de with Netease UU game accelerator yesterday,
    but got a bug signing into multiplayer services today.
  2. I closed the Netease UU game accelerator and the bug disappeared, and I got more delay and disconnect during multiplayer games.
  3. I turn to my second OS(win8.1), the problem disappeared, the accelerator can work and game works well. But I prefer win10.

I have used fiddler 4 to catch the request in game, and found that a request was not sent.
aoe2de_request_with_bug.txt (14.6 KB)
aoe2de_request_without_bug.txt (17.6 KB)
I need the accelerator with this game.

Thanks for your reading.