Cannot enter game options (Freeze, Blackscreen)

Hi Guys,

I have already asked about that a while ago but did not get any helpful answer so i just want to try again.

For any reason i cannot enter the game options in AOE2 DE. Whenever i click on the options the game freezes. I either get a blackscreen or it freezes in a way that i cannot click on anything anymore and have to shut down the whole game. This is really annoying since i cannot change any settings.
For any reason, i can enter the game options ONCE, directly after reinstalling the game. Even if i do not restart the game (after this first option entering), with the second click on the game options the describes problems occur.
This is really annoying, especially in online games if i accidantly hit the options button in the top right corner, because then there is no other way than to shut it down and therefore quit.

Interestingly these problems did not appear for the first few weeks after buying it (around April last year). After a few weeks then i had these problems; always until now. So maybe it was caused by an update long ago? Or is there maybe any crucial setting that i might have changed which can cause such kind of problems??
Changing various settings and look wether the problem disappears is not really possible for me, because as described i always would have to reinstall it after applying a single change.

The game is from microsoft store btw if that makes any difference. And ingame it runs perfectly fluid on high resolution.

Anybody here with any idea what can cause this and how to solve it?
I have not found any report for a similar problem unfortunately.

greetings :slight_smile: