Cannot find ranked game online?

Hello all,
Long time player back when AOE2 and 3 had just come out, took a decade or so break and just getting back into it. I downloaded the game through the microsoft store and have been playing casual games online with no issues. However, when I try to search for a ranked game the results come up empty. When i join the matchmaking system, I never seem to find a match. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I would like to play more ranked games as they seem to be taken more serious and are more fun. Thanks everyone!

Do you have any mods?

what do you mean by that

if you mean like did i hack it, no. its the original game just downloaded it and started playing.

No, if you’ve played the christmas map mod (from event) and didnt turn it off, you automatically wont find it anyone in multiplayer, so he’s checking (or she) if you potentially have that on.
That could explain why you couldnt find anyone.