Cannot open the game (microsoft store)

Since Season 5 update i cant seem to open the game, it just redirects me to this app called “gaming services”, and after updating it it changed nothing. I tried uninstalling it but with no luck.
Please if someone is having the same issue let me know.

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A friend is having the same issue, we are still looking on solutions.
Please Devs, Help!

Update: I uninstalled it and now i cant reinstall it. :joy: , Microsoft store is terrible service, should have bought it on steam


I have found a momentary fix

For those having issues while starting the game due to syncing data or related gaming services problems
You should reset the Gaming Services app

To do this:

  1. Type “apps” in Windows Search bar or press Windows button + S key
  2. Click on Add or Remove programs
  3. Type Gaming Services
  4. Click on the 3 dots menu
  5. Click on Advanced Options. Scroll down to the end of the app page
  6. Click on Reset Button. This will restart the app’s data
  7. Now the game and other Microsoft Store and Xbox PC Game Pass should open as expected!

Hello, thank you for your support.
It hasnt fixed the issue, atleast in my case. Hope it does the trick for the rest of the people with the issue.