Cannot play, restart, or anything related to campaign after a crash

After finishing the 3rd Norman mission I got stuck in a loading screen at around %70 and had to close the game.
On relaunch I cant access anything campaign related as soon as I click load, restart, or continue the UI relating to campaign disappears and I get stuck as there’s no way back to the main menu. All the settings and profile buttons still work during this time.
Tried deleting the documents folder with all my saves and preferences but after reloading it still didn’t fix the problem.
Edit: Reinstalling whole game didn’t help either.

Hey @JippyJack!

Apologies that you’re running into this problem! Are you able to repro this (play and attempt to load until it fails) and then contact support here with a summation of the issue and your warnings.log file?

It would be very helpful in investigation for this one.