Cannot que monk-relic drop off

I see one or two complaining about this, just gonna say it anyways for good measure. But quing monks to pick up and drop of relics are annoying, they don’t drop it off in the monestary, and can’t be qued further to pick up the next relic. (instead walk to it and stand next to it.)

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Yes, this has been reported at some point in time. I remember @SavageEmpire566 gaining an interest in the conversation. Perhaps he can give us an update on where Relic stands on this one?

Basically right now, the queueing system queues “resolved”, final actions. The final actions are calculated based on the curent state of the unit selected. Since the monk does not yet have a relic in hand, the final resolved action is not “drop off relic in monastery”. Therefore, as it stands, I would say solving this is not a possibility. The solution, as a developer myself, would be I think to stop queueing final, resolved actions and instead queue up the raw actions and deferring the final resolution of the action to the point where the action needs to take place.

We went through this discussion with @SavageEmpire566 back then.

Anyway, summarizing, I would make the queue of actions be comprised of mouse clicks + key strokes and key states (alt, ctrl, shift) and a target. By the time the action needs to take place, the source and target states are considered. Is the target a keep or monastery or similar and source is a monk with a relic on hand and it was a left click? Then final action is: Drop relic inside target.

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Yup, it happens with all “future” actions. If a monk doesn’t have a relic then it can’t queue-drop it. If a scout doesn’t have a carcass, it can’t queue-drop it and so on.

It’s really annoying especially when the loading screen itself tells you that it’s more efficient to task your scouts to queue their deer hunting.

Let’s make more noise so this is given a higher priority.

On a related note, could we get queue flags (indicators) like SC2 and almost all other RTS games have? Like how is this not a feature in the game?

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Future state queuing and better action indicators (such as queue flags, minimap nav, etc) are both in active discussion.

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