Cannot report some kind of gamer

there are trolls in multiplay game.

after match, i tried to report them but sometime report function dosent work

when i click bang icon( ! ), but nothing happen.

i guess this is cause of cross-platform(xbox live - steam)

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Make a detailed report at #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-de-bugs .

This has something to do with the way the game tracks users. If you leave the game, you cant be reported… It result in some strange situations. You want someone to report because he left early, but you need to report him before he left and thus did nothing wrong.

Same is true for example for seeing someones rating. If someone is in the game, you can see his rating after the game. If he already left, you cant anymore.

That’s a shame, is it intended?

I hope it is not intenteded. So i will hope the will fix this bug quickly.