Cannot see custom matches and matchmaking disabled

Hi everyone! My partner and I recently downloaded Age of Empires 4 to play together; however, his game is running into matchmaking issues.

My games can see custom games and I can queue into PvP matches. His game is unable to - he sees no games in custom matches and when he queues for any type of multiplayer content he gets a “matchmaking disabled” message. We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting computer, making sure AoE4 bypasses Windows Firewall, and we’re at a loss. We’re unsure where to go from here.

Has anyone else run into this issue and able to help?

I’ve had the same issue for months. Tried everything AOE support suggested and contacted my ISP, reinstalled everything including windows and still nothing. Can’t even observe games and when I try to play with friends, we get an error saying cross platform play isn’t possible - even though we’re both playing on steam :confused: