Cannot select China Dynasties on Skirmish IV!

When playing China in Skirmish and set starting age to IV you will not be able to select your china dynasties!

is there anyway to fix this ?

Your dynasty is set by your landmarks and not your age so its no bug.

Thank you for your replay , if i play age I whenever i lvl up ages the dynasty unlock new options to build this how I understand it , but if I play directly age IV from the beginning i could not find any way to unlock the Dynasty buildings , can you tell me how to lvl up my dynasty if i play directly age IV ?

As far as I can see, you cannot build your landmarks so you cannot get a different dynasty, if you start in age 4. Not being able to build landmarks, if you start in age IV, is something I disagree with. Other civs are also affected like French, who cannot access their royal gunpowder units.
My preferred option would be, that you can build your landmarks like you are stating in age 1 or at least have a toggle option to do so in age 4 starts.
A further problem is, that the game is that the game is not balanced to be started in age 4 and some age 1 landmarks are more useful than others in age 4.
My tip for you, if you want a mostly imperial game, is: Start with a lot more resources, than you can age up very fast and progress throw your dynasties as you desire especially using the village and granary, because you will loose access to them, if you start the Ming dynasty.