Cannot spectate Custom Scenarios without owning the file!?

As the title says players cannot spectate a custom scenario games going on without downloading the file first which may need some next level hocus pocus to obtain it and by that time the game may already be over.

The recorded game file used to have a compressed/encoded scenario within, is this not the case anymore? If so, then it is really baffling, all because of some anti-cheat or player-safety measures which is not even possible of doing any harm in the first place! It is not a .dll injection hack or sorts, geezh.

Unless of course I completely have misunderstood the point and DE spectating is a whole another creature through something else than recorded game file, regardless of that fix IT!

DE has been so counter productive towards the custom scenarios since the launch -

  • cannot see the lobbies properly
  • bad compability to old scenarios
  • now cannot even spectate the games
  • custom scenarios hosted come up as the last selected .rms like Arabia (only the room title has a potential say that you are hosting CBA or Smosh or Europe or whatever)

Absolutely disgraceful!

/end rant


wake the heck up Microsoft! CS is what keeps the game alive.

This is probably caused by the game saving non-subbed custom scenarios on a temporary folder for lobby guests. This helps on things like demanding less resource usage from your hardware, but creates these counter-intuitive discrepancies such as that one you described.

My guess is that this will not change, we will have to deal with. =/