Cannot Start game due to swappable GPU

I am unable to start the game as it detects that my laptop has Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics.
The laptop also has a more powerful dedicated GPU which can play the game but it will not detect this one.
I saw there were a few topics on this with one user suggesting to use a hex editor to edit the .exe file but I have been unable to find the correct section to change.

Hi @GiraffeyMcCool, Check the documentation with your PC. There should be an option to either use the dedicated GPU for all or select apps.

Hi @RadiatingBlade it does have that option. Unfortunately, the game detects the weaker graphics card and won’t allow you to start the game. No option to use the other as the game actually detects the weaker card and just stops the game from running.

Maybe try to disable the weaker GPU: