Can't click after opening chat window

Game Version: latest as of 09th may 2020
Windows 10

After the names and civs not showing in the “game starting” animation, I checked the opponents civ via the chat window, and couldn’t click anymore, or even type anything in the chat and was forced to ALT F4. Our usernames were also not displayed, only the numbers. In the background I could still hear the villagers spawn and the houses finish that I had built.

Reproduction Steps: Names not showing, click chat window and not be able to click anymore

just had the same problem again, names not appearing, this time the game just crashed after 45 seconds

If you have not already, can you please try the following:

  • Validate your game files to repair any corruption.
  • Disable any UI mods to verify that they are not interfering with your match.
  • Sign out and sign back in to Xbox Live.

If none of those steps work, letting us know which map, what mods, and what game settings you’re using will help us narrow down and report the issue to our QA friends!

Thanks for the report!

It seems like the UI just freezes at about 21-22 seconds ingame time.

Validated game files, had disabled UI mods (thought I already had but for some reason didnt), and signed in and out.

Seems to work now!

It just happened again despite having done the steps, that have led to 10+ games of it no UI crash

Ui stops after 30 seconds, and cant click anything anymore