Can't click or type

I’m in game, I can see everything move, I can move my mouse but I can’t click anything, open the chat or use any command… anyone know how to fix this?


HI @EloquentNine840 !

How did this happen? Were you using the chat?


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I couldn’t think of anything strange. I was playing CBA and I ordered my first group of units to attack move towards the enemy as usual. Then it all stopped working. Couldn’t fix it so just closed the game :confused:

it might be a same issue

It has happened to me 4 times already … When I played the game (IV. civ.) and press the chat window, it happens that the game cannot be controlled with either the mouse or the keyboard. An unplayable game with this bug.

I have a new DLC.

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I have the same problem, lost 5 games through this bug…. 4/5 games the cause is chatting imo

I can’t play when I press F7, the game freezes, it’s now systematic!

Microsoft! Why did you do that!?!

I have the same problem, actually it often happens when I tap F7 for the second time, did the devs acknowledge that ?

Hi everyone!

Thanks, we are already tracking this issue!

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Hey, when will it be fixed?

Yeah it was fixed for 26 days for me but today I had the exact same bug again -.-