Can't complete Arkansas-challenge for USA-DLC

I’ve completed the maximum of three challenges for the USA-DLC from day one with a three-day break last weekend and now have the to complete the Arkansas-challenge, but it won’t work.

I have tried random battles against a medium AI, starting a revolution with the French or Dutch to still be able to produce Gold after starting the revolution, then with the Portuguese on a coast-map to be able to work whales. In every case my two factories have also been set to gold. I have always collected much more than 1.776 Gold before winning.
I have always chosen a different map situated in modern day US, as the challenge states.

What am I doing wrong? I always try to produce the maximum amount of settlers, send all cards I want an research everything before revolting. That of course isn’t necessary to beat a medium AI, so I could try again revolting ASAP. But it can’t be I am not allowed to collect 1.776 Gold beforce revolting, or can I? I would need 2.000 Gold just to age up an revolt. And it can’t be I have to win with exactly 1.776 Gold or is that it?

I went with dutch and revolted to USA on great plains, medium AI. In my game i had way more than 1776 coin, so it has not to be the exact number. I dont know, why it didnt work for your matches :confused: are your starting ressources etc. on default?

(little tip for the later nebraska challenge: it has to be a north american traderoute travois->stagecoach->train. i try to play great plains in most challenges, since it makes the least problems)