Can't developers of aoe2 de optimize the game?

even with only the game open and graphics set on low, the game lag soooooo much, apparently you need a 10k computer to run the game at 60 fps, frustrating


They can’t because they are not as talented as the Ensemble Studio in 1999.
Picture this. In 1999 they didn’t have google, nor any idea on how to make an Engine, how to code games so complex.
And today with every technology, frameworks, server capacity and knowledge, they produce DE.

I mean the fact that this game takes 20%+ CPU on the main menu should tell you everything you need to know

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These experiences are mine, I can be wrong:

If it’s late game 4v4 500 population it’s normal. Some players says late-game lags I don’t experienced it a lot.

I had a graphic cart with 2GB VRAM. Game lagged a lot and it was unplayable. There is old graphic cart with 4GB VRAM. I think unit models requires a lot of VRAM. RAM and CPU is important too (8GB RAM and average CPU can easily handle the game). GPU not that important if you don’t want to play with high graphics.

Well, maybe I can say I upgraded my graphic cart for this game.

Forgotten empires has person who coded original genie engine +20 years ago so i would say they do have talent and knowledge to work with legacy code game uses. Game only uses single core so most of your prosessor’s power isn’t used at all.

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It actually uses multiple cores.

If you’re referring to Matt Prichard, he confirmed on reddit a while ago that he is no longer working at FE.


I have a 2010 I7 and a 2014 Nvidia Graphics card and the game runs just fine at 1080p (even tho it barely meets the minimum requirements) anything lower than that you shouldn’t expect to run a game released in 2019, It’s a remaster, true, but that’s the point of remaster, make the graphics nicer, and that always comes with the side effect of requiring a more powerful computer

The aoe DE has multi threading apparently, that game runs at 2% of my cpu not stressing at all a single core/thread, meaning that aoe DE is surprisingly better optimized in terms of cpu usage, despite it is also using the genie engine, also that game has real moving water and clouds.

Dunno why they didn’t utilize the same code.

It’s surprisingly common for games to run at very high power consumption while just sat at the main menu screen. I have my gaming PC always plugged into a power monitor so I can look at the power it’s consuming, and it’s common for it be pulling 300-400W from the socket on a game’s main menu.