Can't drop relics in monasteries after a reloaded save (campaigns)

Hello! I encounter this bug while playing the campaigns. Whenever I save a game and load the save later, I can’t drop any relic with my monks on any monasteries (like the title says). I encounter this bug several times, without understanding of its origin. However, on a game where I could drop relics at first, I stop it and come back later on it, then I could not stock my relics on my monastery anymore.

While there are surely more game-breaking bugs that needs to be fixed first, its really frustrating to have to re-play the whole length of a mission just to be able to use the relics.

I hope this could be easily fixed!
Aside from that I’m having a blast on the game! :smiley:


Also having this issue, just loaded a save in the Rochester campaign. Before loading I could put relics into the monastery. The mission wasn’t going well though so I loaded an earlier autosave and now I can’t put any relics into the monastery.


I am also having this same issue. I recently began playing the Rus civ and I was trying to take advantage of the mounted monks feature during the singleplayer campaign (last mission).

I was having trouble placing the relics in the Monastery but then I noticed they all have 0/0 slots, this is after loading my saved game.

I also have this issue.

During the Norman Campaign, my monasteries were unable to store relics.
In the pics, my monasteries have 0/0 slots

Thanks for flagging, all (and for the screenshots!) - we’re aware of this and tracking.