Can't find advanced commands

How do I fix this? Can’t find advanced commands, which I could find in the 2013 version of Age of Empires 2. In the definitive edition it seems to be missing. What’s the hotkey? Looked in hotkeys and could not find it there. Advanced Commands does not reset when I leave the game.

I can’t do formations or unit stances without them.


Definitive Edition.

This all I see.

Hi guys.

plz look at screen shot. I can’t found combat command in selected military unit’s UI.
Where is it?

My AoE2DE had crash at first startup and all options broken.(all items be off and resolution was lowest)
Is the above relevant?
I tried delete local files(\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE) and reinstall. but it was not effective.

plz Help me!

I have the same issue. Zero answers. Can't find advanced commands

Hey, BomberGriffin!

I found the answer in steam’s community :slight_smile:


Thanks very much. That fixed it.