Can't find any server from local network (LAN)

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.32708.0.0
  • Platform: Microsoft Store


I can’t find any server from local network. When i’m creating lobby on another computer i can’t find this lobby in browser. The same situation for two computers in my network. Older versions of AoE are working correctly with LAN servers on this computers.

Computers are able to ping self.
TCP Port 8888 is excluded from friewall.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create lobby in local network (LAN)
  2. Try to find this lobby on another computer from your local network

same problem, tried 10 times only can see server once

Same issue. Please, some support on getting the LAN option working. The error messages are not helpful.

Hey there @Pletwosznurek, @JelliedDuke2, and @BrianMacBoru! A few questions:

  • Is this still an issue as of Update 36202?
  • Can you please include a screenshot that highlights the issue?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you taken to try and fix the problem?
  • Are you signed in or signed out of Xbox Live?

Let me know, and thanks for the report! =)

Hi and thanks for engaging! Yes, I am running 36202 on both of the computers I am trying to get a LAN game up and running on. I have had some recent success getting the a joinable game, however it involves completely turning off firewalls on both machines.

I think if you guys could put together a robust (i.e. step by step for dummies) guide to opening ports and/or setting up windows firewall for Xbox and AOE2:DE for LAN, that’d be hugely helpful.

Attached are some images that basically just show no LAN game appearing, and no firewall entries for one computer for AOE2:DE. The host computer does have exceptions set up (automatically during install I assume) in the windows defender firewall, however when this system’s firewall is on, the joining computer see’s the lobby, but gets an error when trying to join.

Hope this helps.

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To follow up, can you be sure to open the firewall ports listed in this article?

I’ll be sure our Tech Support folks know that putting together a guide to open ports would be helpful; we’ll see if we can pull that together to help people out in the future!

Thanks again!