Cant get a game in quick play

The last 10 times I have tried to start a quick play game I wait 15+ minutes and no game comes up. I have no banned maps and wait in queue forever and get no options. What gives.

Quick play is underused nowadays ig.

Quick play is the worst feature the devs added. It just dont work. There are lots of things wrong. As result almost no one player Quick play, so waiting times increase. And as result of the increased waiting times, even more people quit playing Quick play. I already expected this when they announce the feature.

When the features was released, i already made a thread about this issue:

I would advice you to join the ranked queue. After some placer matcher, you will most likely face only about equally opponents.

Well it does not work, I agree there. But is it the worst? I dont think so, bc it didnt break anything, unlike other changes… So I agree its not great, but at least it is not directly bad