Can't get "Age of Empires" achievement and many others

Game Version:

  • Build: 35584
  • Platform: Steam


  1. I have won with every civ but “Age of Empires” achievement is still locked.
  2. I have won against Easiest, Moderate and Hardest AI, but “Rest in Peace”, “With Moderation” and “Barbaric Manners” are still locked.
  3. Killed 100 vils in a Dark Age only game, not getting “Dark Humor”…

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Do I have done above
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Thank you for the report! The good news is that we are tracking this issue, which is caused by the game requiring players to complete a match with the “Random Civ” option (as well as each of the 35 civilizations) to unlock the achievement.

For now, playing with Random Civ will unlock the achievement, and we hope to have a fix for the root problem implemented in a future update! Thanks, again, for the report!

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Hi @GMEvangelos, I tried winning a game with random but still cannot unlock it. Do you mean I have to win 35 games with random to cover all the civs?

Please note that Dark Humor, Rest in Peace, With Moderation and Barbaric Manners are also bugged.

Thanks for the attention!

Hello, I am experiencing the same problem, I have won games with each civilization including random and full random and still have this achievement locked. My game is also on steam, version 101.101.355840.0 4714640


I don’t think this bug is fixed, but I got all the achievements here by setting victory to conquest. Good luck!

Still today this Achievement ist bugged. Did everything and still locked. Support reaction?“Stay tuned fpr Updates” since two months.

I play with all Civilisation 3 Times AoE2 and ROR + Random + Full Random + Mirror

  1. Round - Kampagne + Multiplayer Mix
  2. Round - Multiplayer Only
  3. ROund - Single Player Only

but it stay locked, I am trying to get this sind mid November :confused: And Support doesn´t matter about problems like this


I have completed all civs, and was expecting to win the ‘age of empires’ achievement, but with no avail.
It seems the problem still occurs, at least on my side. Any news on a fix please?

Edit: played one more game with Armenians and it unlocked the achievment. Strange because I played this civ already (even completed the campaign).

Armenian and Georgian achievements had some issues, it’s possible that you didn’t get it by the time you completed the campaign.