Cant Join Multiplayer

since a few day’s everytime i try to join a Lobby game i get kicked out and get the Message “Connection could not be established” (or something like that dont have the game in English) but in the few seconds that im the lobby, i can pick civ, team and colour.

In ranked i have a simmiliar Problem, when i start the queue its stopped after a few seconds without a message.

Thanks for your Help

Hey, that sounds like your internet connection is unstable?
Perhaps weak signal on your side or packet loss from your internet service provider.

well i dont think so cause i can play other games without any Internetproblems, like age of empries 2 rankeds


There is for sure an issue. I can confirm too.
I tried played with my friend, a rank game since Monday, the game just disconnects before the search is even starting, usually after second 4-5.
Casual and Ranked games both have the same issues.
Been unable to play 1 single game the entire week.
I have 800 mb/second speed, I played many other multiplayer games like league of legends, world of warcraft or path of exile without encountering any issue.