Can't Load SLP Files

Using SLX Studio to load SLP file works for Aoe2:DE, but not Aoe:DE for some reason. I get some crashing error when trying to load SLP images for the latter game. Is there another program that can load those files?


Same problem here, so I created a library to extract and create SLP files for AOE1. It’s still messy and not beginner friendly but I’m working toward improving it, any help is more than welcome, the library is here, you can check my newest post for some mods I’ve already managed to create with this library.


I had the same problem and found a very good and easy application to open them, but for some reason there are some files that cannot open them … meryslp is the application


Good afternoon! I have this problem: when I try to open a file MerySLP.exe, I get this error.

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That error means the program can’t launch “Java virtual machine”.

Do you have Java installed in your computer?

I get the same error as he does, and yes I have Java.

To get t working you need to create the “data” folder and the four folders inside it.

and as my set up, I used command line to get the program work.


Does this also work in conjunction with the MS Store or only with Steam?

Only with steam as ms store version has the files within the app.