Can't log into Multiplayer Services or XBox Live

Around the end of August to early September I started Age of Empires II DE on Steam and found C-Op and Multiplayer options greyed out along with a Reconnect to Multiplayer Services button.

Clicking the button brings up a screen saying Signing into Multiplayer Services with Retry and Cancel buttons under that. Clicking Retry does nothing. I am also signed out of XBox Live and I can’t sign in again from the game.

I have searched all the internet troubleshooting I can find and it hasn’t worked. I originally thought it was caused by the update sent to give other people the Romans Event to complete and, because I haven’t got that DLC yet, it caused some change to my program. I also tried verifying the files through Steam. I have attached a screenshot of the error box which flashed by when I first hit the Retry button.

Sorry if I got anything wrong as it is my first post. Can someone please advise where I should look for the problem.

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me encuentro con el mismo problema para poder jugar en modo multijugardor, si ya has podidos solucionarlo me podrias pasar la solucion, ya que tambien busque alguna solucion en internet y no consegui alguna solucion, Gracias

Hi. I found that my Bitdefender software was the cause. Not sure why it suddenly became a problem after having no impact for 10 months but if you have Bitdefender then it would be the cause.

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