Can't play a real game. stuck in training

I don’t know how to start playing a game . The single player screen has a dialogue box, “continue campaign”. What do I need to click on to play or explain why this is happening. Thanks

Can you post a screenshot?

I don’t know how to print my screen here, sorry. The screen that has Single Player, and below says Multiplayer, the Single Player box, in the bottom left, says: CONTINUE CAMPAIGN in a darker blue rectangle. When I click on the Single Player box it sends me to a screen: Single Player, The Normans Campaign. which I played. When I click on Art of War, on the top banner, it sends me to “Training”, Early Economy etc. I have also finished all the screens on this page. I want to play the game, not scenarios. What do I need to click on? Do I need to redownload the game? Can I redownload the game. I can’t find any answers on the site, and I need assistance. I am a novice to all of this, so I need help! Thanks for responding to my request, Dan

To get a screenshot, assuming you are on a windows computer, press windows key + s, and drag a snip over the menu with this issue. Then copy and paste it here.

Did you buy the game at Steam or at Microsoft Store?

Thank you for responding! Steam.

you are on the age 2 forum, and you play age 4 …

Wrong forum. @moderators, can you move this? Also, have you actually tried continuing the campaign? I’m pretty sure you need to play the learning campaign before playing anything else as well, if you haven’t already done that.