Can't play right now ... Servers are down?

Looks like if you are in a game you can finish the game but you can’t connect to the match making server. Maybe DNS issue ?

I just played and lost a 1v1. When I forfeit and went back to main menu, I tried to click on multiplayer again. It asked to reconnect to services. Didnt work. Restarted game. Now the multiplayer tab is totally greyed out. Verified game files, no VAC ban or anything, did benchmark test again. Still nothing. HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP.

PS: Clicked the green icon next to my menu profile pic. Says signing out of xbox live. No change.


J’ai le même problème le mode Multijoueur refuse de fonctionné… HELPPP

I have the same problem. Looks like multiplayer is down.

This look like a global issue. I checked AoE I, II, III and IV. In every game multiplayer doesnt work, so…

We must have faith and be strong 11

Same problem in the midwest & east coast USA

se callo el servidor de age of empires 2 ? no dan los multijugadores