Can't publish mod

Getting the error message “This mod package has no tags, can not publish a mod with no tags”.

Then put tags…

Easy solution (:

I meant in the ingame mod menu. There is no option to manually add tags to a mod, they are added automatically based on the file paths in the mod. Guess I’ll use the webpage.

-Describe what kind of mod it is
-Perhaps you have made a mistake with the path of the files or folders and that’s why the game does not recognize them

Yeah the website has always worked better for me, it offers more options.

  1. It’s a simple asset replacement replacing one model.
  2. The paths aren’t wrong, the mod works fine and I’ve already checked to see if there was any discrepancy such as additional files or misspellings, I even made sure everything was lower case in case that was the issue. xD
  3. I already uploaded it using the website: Mods Single - Age of Empires

I’ve never used the site before. xD I never had issues with the ingame menus before.