Can't remove pictures from uploaded mod


I have uploaded a mod to, and I now want to delete all but one of the uploaded showcase images. When I try to click on Edit Mod, then remove the images, and click on Submit, the images are still not removed. Is this a known issue, and is there some other way to do this?

My mod I’m trying to remove the images from:

@DodoNotDoDo Is this a known bug?

Try again now. It looks like you’ve uploaded images for it many times and the sequencing got out of order somewhere along the way. I fixed the ordering which should allow you to delete.

Thanks, but the same issue still remains. I try to Edit Mod, then remove the images. When I save, they are still there and not removed. Could you remove all but the first one?

Should be fixed. You may have to wait for caching to clear before you see it though. I’ll look into why you weren’t able to delete yourself.