Can't see updates of AOE2DE in MS-Store

Hi Guys,

i use the german variant of AOE 2 DE and saw, that updates are exist. Currently, i use an older version (101.101.33315.0.0) and have some connection trouble.

I bought directly in the MS-Store (no Steam) and i’m wondering, why i can’t see the updates in my overview. I had also trouble with the “Enhanced Graphics Pack” for 4K, but after WSReset.exe the download works currently. Hopefully it will be finished.

Ok, my question was another one. Do you know, why i can’t see the updates of AOE? If i go to “Downloads and Updates” a lot of entries are there, but no AOE2DE. Only in “Meine Bibliothek” (i assume, the translation to english means “My Library”), i can see the bought product. No updates, no chance. No download from other Webpages possible i assume?

Hopefully you can help me.

Many thanks in advance

I have the same problem. I can’t see any updates for AOE2DE however all my friends have updated

i have the same problem.
Normally i have to reinstall the complete game