Can't send resources to ally

In custom games or unranked game, even after building a market, it is not possible to send resources to ally.
Hope the dev quickly fixes this issue.

Hey @pointteaboy! Can you post a screen cap or go into more detail about what you’re seeing? Are you seeing any errors?

I cannot reproduce this issue.

Make sure your allies have a market as-well.

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Uploading: game setting 4.png…
Thank you for your answering. I will show how I get the bug below. By the way, it works in standard game but it doesn’t work in advanced setting games

Thanks for the answer. But does it always require allies to have a market as well? I remember that it didn’t require receiver to have a market as well.

Game settings : advanced. However barely any settings differ from standard game. N.B. the tribute option is clicked so I should not be forbidden to send tributes. See below settings if necessary.

I am showing a 2v2 game where my ally and I both got market up (ottomans and french landmarks respectively which acts as markets).
Map is on altai. No tuning pack is used.
When I click the tribute menu, it says however “require market”.

I assuming this is a “mod”, this could be an issue with the mod itself and flagging something incorrect making it not possible to send resources. The plain vanilla game is working as intended.