Cant use Tuning pack in Campaign

Im a casual player and only bought the game for mods and campaigns… But now cant even play the campaigns with tuning packs like realism mod. Also so far no custom scenario and custom campaign… Really sad


Yes the campaigns should be playable with mods.

Maybe you can play custom matches with mods in multiplayer. There is an awesome mod called advanced gamse settings with which you can use diplomacy, treaty mode and other options. Besides there are many more mods and custom maps.

Especially treaty mod is good for casuals because it is less harassment. I also like this very much.

In addition arena maps are good. Everyone starts with a stone wall around him.

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Hello everyone.

The mods do not work with the campaign as far as I can tell I have tried out a few and it doesn’t apply. I can play custom game and apply the tuning pack but when it comes to campaign there is nothing. Very sad about this me personally am a campaign/single player and I have searched the internet and there is no info on what game modes the mod can apply to.

Hopefully this will get done in the future but right now there is very little information on this subject. I really hope someone can disprove me and make it work.


The campaigns have different stats for units, different technologies and even different buildings than skirmish so a mod for skirmish can’t work in the campaign.

Campaign mods if possible would have to be done separately.

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