CaptureAge: Please share your thoughts with us!

Hey everyone (and we really mean pretty much everyone),

We, the people behind CaptureAge, are a community team most well known for our spectator app, seen on many content creators channels and more recently also popped up with a button in the game itself, to instantly load into your replays and provide more statistics and extra zoom.

If you don’t know about us, no worries, that’s great to!

To help us best support the Age of Empires II community we would like to ask you to fill out this questionnaire. The length varies a little based on whether you play competitively, versus AI, campaigns, watch videos or spectate your own games, but should take no more than 10 minutes.

While we love working on the CaptureAge app, our goal is to support the Age of Empires II community in the broadest sense, so it’s really important for us to get responses from as many different people from as many different Age of Empires II communities as possible. So, even if you’re not into competitive AoE2 or even watch any streams we are still super interested in your thoughts!

Sincerest™ thanks,




-Done! Good luck on your results!

-I need 20 character count.

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@Siewart : Done.

One question: I would really like to use CaptureAge, but I am a user of the Microsoft Store. Last time I looked a few weeks ago, it didn’t work (only for Steam users). Is there any way to use this via Microsoft Store as well, or are you planning to at least in the future?
Would be really great…

Kind regards

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MS Store support is the most up voted feature for CaptureAge (, which is a technical limitation. However with an announced update to the MS store should lift some hurdles we currently face.

When it happens we will make sure it’s announced widely!

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I already put this in the form, but if APM stats could possibly be added to free CA that would be really nice. I can’t afford to pay for the subscription unfortunately, but I really want to see how my or my friends APM compares to others. It would be really nice if this was added, but I can understand why this might also motivate you to leave it on the paid version. Oh well.

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Give us Ctrl+F12 full map screenshots back! Regards.


Thanks for the feedback! You could have a look at AoE2Insights, they don’t quite use the same methods with same accuracy - but should be close enough to compare between friends.

Full map screenshots are (after MS Store support) our most requested feature, it’s a bit complicated but we should be able to get it done.

I like the fact that CA shows whether some important technologies have been researched, but some are really missing, like thumb ring or unique techs, especially since they can be hard to notice if you missed them, while in the case of bloodlines or blacksmith upgrades you only need to click on the units to check.


We actually discussed that internally a few hours before you posted this. We’ll announce it when it happens.

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That’s good news!

Really, really would like some type of game version history where we can view old recorded games.

As of now, once a new patch comes out – all old recorded games are unable to be viewed :frowning:

Seems like Capture Age would be the perfect use case for this as the official standalone “recorded game viewer.”

That’s definitely one of the more frequent requests we’ve gotten. It’s also one of the harder features, but we will be considering it.

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Thank you for all the replies so far, we’ve been blown away by the amount of high quality feedback we’ve received.
We will be closing the survey Monday morning (UTC), so if you’re still planning to fill it out please do by this weekend!